Dylan’s coaching philosophy is simple: developing an efficient and effective technique; finding what works best for the player given their physical abilities for the sport. The ultimate goal: better results on the course and further enjoyment of the game.


This fundamental step in the process involves the analysis of cause and effect in order for the player to gain a clear understanding of what is happening in the swing and/or technique. In this way, the player will comprehend why certain changes may be necessary and the effects they will bring.


Once the player has better understood his/her technique and the changes to be made, an array of different tools and technologies will be used to speed up the learning process. This step involves supervised practice by the coach so that the new skills being trained are mastered correctly.


Once the player has trained sufficiently, it is time to simulate peak performance either on the course or competitive environment. This will ensure it is possible to evaluate how the new skills have been integrated, i.e. how intuitive and automatic they have become for the player. This can involve certain tests or games that will probe the new skills, for example: achieving a certain shot type a determined number of times.


Finally, the new skill set is put to the test in the changing and demanding conditions of the golf course. The goal of this structured method of learning is to instil the player with the confidence that the changes made were necessary and that they have been integrated in a way that will ensure they can stand up to the pressure of formal competition. The end result is consistently achieving lower scores.
The training acquired by Dylan's students has allowed them to obtain scholarships at the following colleges.
  • George Washington University

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