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Born in Scotland – “The Home of Golf”- Dylan embodies the sport’s most fundamental values: excellence, dedication, honour and ethics. He knew, from a very early age, that he wanted to dedicate his life to sharing golf’s tradition and soon decided to focus on coaching the game. His outstanding professional career in prestigious academies around the globe has enabled golfers of all ages and abilities understand and improve their games.

His coaching philosophy is simple: develop each player’s unique potential.


Dylan’s coaching philosophy helps the player get better results on the course and further enjoy the game.


Cause and effect
In this step the player will comprehend why certain changes may be necessary and the effects they will bring.


Supervised practice
Supervised practice by the coach so that the new skills being trained are mastered correctly.


Simulate pressure
Evaluate how the new skills have been integrated, i.e. how intuitive and automatic they have become.


Play to win
The new skill set is put to the test in the golf course to instil the player with confidence.


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The adequate use of technology can have a positive impact on the players’ speed and ability to learn.

Dylan's Choices

Dylan's Choices

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