Meet Dylan

There is more to the game than just swinging a golf club. This is why a golf coach builds on his knowledge of different aspects of the game to make his players great.


  • Advanced Fellow of The PGA: The Professional Golfers’ Association of Great Britain & Ireland has more than 8,000 members of which only 1% have achieved this recognition for their prominent careers within the golf industry: Dylan is one of them.
  • US Kids Golf Master Teacher: Award obtained in 2015 after being recognised 3 consecutive years amongst the Top 50 Teachers.
  • Dylan strives to always be at the forefront of golf coaching techniques, using the most novel and sophisticated technologies applied to the sport. This is why he possesses the most recognized certifications within the industry: Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), US Kids, K-Vest, TrackMan and Boditrak.
  • The mental component being vital to perform in golf, Dylan has further enhanced his training with The PGA’s Golf Psychology Coaching certification.
  • National Coach for the Mexican Golf Federation.
  • Winner of The PGA’s National Scholarship for his performance in the Diploma Programme.


  • More than 25 years of experience have taught Dylan that a structured method and plenty of discipline are required to excel in golf.
  • Having trained juniors, adults and professionals, Dylan possesses the knowledge and talent to help them reach their goals.
  • To achieve consistent improvement and results, you need to train like the best in the game do.



Golf is a unique sport that enables players to develop and strengthen fundamental values that will make them better people on and off the course. Throughout the years, Dylan has experienced first-hand how this incredible game equips young adults with essential values for a better society.

  • Honesty: In golf, unlike other sports, the responsibility of keeping score and applying penalties relies solely on the player.
  • Integrity: Golf is a sport of rules and etiquette where players are expected to keep composure and behave appropriately on the course even when no one is watching.
  • Respect: Golf is a very old game (mid 15th century) that puts special emphasis on respecting the rules, the tradition, fellow players and oneself.
  • Perseverance: Golf is a complex and highly demanding sport, both physically and mentally.

Dylan strives to embody these values and share them with everyone who comes in contact with the game of golf and his teaching method.

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