A shoe that FITS YOUR FOOT is essential

A shoe that also FITS YOUR SWING is invaluable

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This year’s PGA Show again did not disappoint the nearly 50,000 attendees. There were so many outstanding products to visit it’s difficult to see everything in only 3 days!

The first product that really caught my attention was at the FootJoy stand. As a certified Titleist Performance Institute Coach I’m really big on my players using the ground and generating power from feet up through to the end of the club. Your interaction (or in some cases lack of) can have a negative or positive effect in your ability to generate speed.

Through significant testing using BodiTrac’s pressure mat FootJoy have found that 70% of amateur and professional golfers have not been wearing the correct shoe size. Wow that’s frightening! Also, the player must consider the shoes’ platform, whether it be more stable or mobile depending on how much the player moves inside their shoes.

Coming soon! This spring FootJoy will be offering this “Performance Fitting System” through their brand affiliates. So now with only a few swings you will be able to eliminate the guess work of choosing your next pair of shoes. The bottom line is with the correct shoe we can increase your driver club speed by 3mph = +10 yards!

Watch this space to find out when you can get started!!!

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