Dylan’s outstanding career has earned him recognition and respect worldwide within the golf industry. As a result, he has been invited to participate in several projects in some of Mexico’s most exclusive golf clubs (Club de Golf Los Encinos, Club de Golf México, Club de Golf Vallescondido and Club de Golf Bellavista); offering consulting services in the following areas:

  • Instructional Staff Training: Dylan has been fortunate enough to have access to the most recognized worldwide certification programs in the industry and he strives to share this knowledge through training sessions that enable fellow golf professionals to experience them in their own language.
  • Design and Implementation of Instructional Programs: once the staff has been extensively trained and is capable of offering systematic and high quality instruction to their membership, it is vital to understand how to design programs that can exploit their new skills and knowledge.
  • Instructional Technology Selection and Acquisition: through the years, Dylan has studied, tried and tested a wide range of technologies applied to the game. Dylan’s expertise allows him to be able to recommend and select the most adequate and effective tools available in the market.
  • Golf Studio Design: the best way to take full advantage of some of the best technologies applied to golf instruction is through a dedicated space. This is why an increasing number of golf clubs are developing indoor/outdoor Golf Studios where players can take full advantage of the most advanced technological tools to improve their game.

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